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The Ultimate Smart Home is here, and Control has never been easier. Talk, Tap & Touch, the Three T's of Control are simpler than ever before.

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Talking to your home, Synchronizing your home devices, and Managing them from your Smartphone has never been so easy.

State of the Art Wi-Fi and Home Network Systems Connect everything together

Industry Leading Brands deliver a user experience that has never been more comfortable and easy to use

You can add devices at any time, and upgrade your system at any time in this state-of-the-art ecosystem, you are not limited to any amount of devices, users, or the size of your household

How it works


We utilize the latest in Wi-Fi Technology. Our system is capable of Wi-Fi 6, which means gigabit speeds in every room of the house. Our system makes Parental Controls and Network Device Control easier than ever. The kids don't stand a chance!


Daily Routines, Keywords and Voice Controls are the future. "Turn On the Lights", "Open the Shades", "Lock the Doors", "Play [News] on TV", are just a few of the phrases you will use daily. Our programmers use this technology every day, and know how to make it do what you want. Automation has a new name - BIRDHOUSE.


We have partnered with industry leaders in Energy Efficiency and Home Self-Sufficiency. With the latest advancements in technology we can create a completely off-the-grid home that is fully functional when the power goes out.


Your home is your sanctuary. It should always be a place of freedom, peace, and security. Having peace of mind that you are always protected is our job, and we only use the best technology to deliver that peace of mind. Your home is fully protected 24/7 by a state of the art security system that you can monitor and control from anywhere in the world.


Control is our Specialty. If you've used Smart Home systems in the past, you know how cumbersome their apps and systems can be. We utilize the Three T's of Control, Talk (Voice), Tap (App), and Touch (Physical Device) for the easiest user-experience ever!


We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. When you call, we answer. Our 100% American Customer Service Team is always ready to help over the phone, and in person with any and all needs you have pertaining to your new smart home. We truly care about our customer's satisfaction and want them to be completely happy with their service.

"BIRDHOUSE TECHNOLOGIES is truly there to take care of your problems. They take the headache out of Tech and implement a system that is easy to use. They have ongoing support for their customers, and they always pick up the phone. My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with their customer service, we can tell that they value their customers and go the extra mile to make sure everything gets done correctly."

- Robert K.

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Your home is well prepared for the growth, development and safety of your child. Control their digital life with ease, and have peace of mind. 

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